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About Us

Extend Your Creativity

Editing images is a very natural extension of the creative process of photography. Images straight out of the camera need a little polish if you want your shots to stand out. Just look at this series of images to see the difference.Learning to effectively use powerful editing software like Lightroom and Photoshop, helps you to create your own style and stand out from the crowd. We offer live, online classes at very affordable rates. We hope you enjoy our classes! 

Our Approach

 We use the popular and secure GoToMeeting solution to provide live online training seminars, that you can access from the comfort of your own home. Choose a class that fits with your schedule.  Our classes are informative and full of tips and designed so you can follow along, We also offer videos that you can download after the class, to review at your own leisure. The skills you learn can apply to any type of photography from portraits, landscapes, street scenes, and much more! 

What to Expect

 Expect to be happy! After attending our easy to follow classes, you will immediately be able to apply new skills to your images, and you will be excited with the results you can achieve. It will open a new world of creativity for you, and your friends, family, and clients will be amazed at your images. The only limit is your imagination!